Tokushima Prefecture is located in the eastern part of Shikoku. Its coastline faces the Seto Inland Sea to the North and the Kii Channel and Pacific Ocean from the East to the South. It covers an area of approximately 4,147km2, which is roughly equivalent to 1.1% of Japan's overall land area.


Mountainous districts make up approximately 80%of Tokushima's total land area. With an altitude of 1,955m, Mt. Tsurugi is the second highest peak on Shikoku and home to rich nature such as alpine plants. The Shikoku Mountains, with Mt. Tsurugi at their centre, run through Tokushima from east to west, dividing the prefecture into north and south.


The Yoshino River, flowing along the north side of the Shikoku Mountains, is one of the greatest rivers in Japan. Also known by the name Shikoku Saburou, the upstream area of the river in the west of the prefecture is known for the steep Oboke and Koboke Gorges, and the mouth of the river gives way to the wedge-shaped Tokushima Plains.


There is a rich forest area in the Southern part of Tokushima Prefecture and comparatively little flat ground. The sheer rock coastline of this area contrasts remarkably with the sandy beaches of the North and East.