(Tokushima Green Tourism Minshuku) Kinoko no Sato




きのこの里 マクロビ料理

Enjoy healthy macrobiotic dishes!

"Kinoko no Sato"serves macrobiotics dishes with unpolished rice at the affiliated farmhouse restaurant. "Misato Style Macrobiotics Dishes" are unconventional and so delicious with abundant local ingredients. "Kinoko no Sato" offers not only various farming experience programs but also how to make "Dandelion Coffee"(made from roasted and coarsely ground dandelion root like coffee) and Misato Style Macrobiotic Sweets. Over a cup of dandelion coffee at veranda, you can relax staying away from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives.



Address 119-1,Tahira,Misato,Yoshinogawa-shi,Tokushima,Japan
Phone number 0883-43-2370
Experience Program Menu

Plums picking, mushrooms, Taranome (fatsia sprouts) and vegetables picking, Udon and Soba noodles making , Tofu and Konnyaku making , Dandelion Coffee making and Misato Style macrobiotic sweets cooking etc.

Opening hour All Day (contact required)
Holiday  Irregular
Reservation Stay 3 days in advance
Only for dining by the morning of previous day
Charge  Stay (one night with 2 meals) 6,500yen
Stay (meal not included) 4,500yen
Dish (lunch or dinner,  + dandelion coffee  300 yen) 1,500yen-
Experience menu Dandelion coffee making


Misato Style Macrobiotic Sweets making


Konnyaku making


Udon and soba noodles making


Shiitake mushrooms picking


web http://www.cnet-oe.ne.jp/kinokonosato/
Capacity 5people 
others Bring your toiletry and night clothes.
For bathing , Hot spring "Misato no Yu"(Charge 500 yen)


きのこの里 縁側 きのこの里 看板 きのこの里 マクロビカレー