(Tokushima Green Tourism Minshuku) Farmhouse for experience Some koubou Dokomo Yama


どこも山 全景

The lodging of "Mountains all around "greets you with Kazura Bashi vine bridge.

The first hurdle of 88 Temples Pilgrimage is the 12th "Shosanji"temple, known as "Pilgrim Stumbling". Located near the temple is "Some Koubou    Dokomo Yama".  The name of the lodging, which stands on the steep terrain, comes from Japanese "Mountains all around". Crossing the vine bridges, you enter the guest room with traditional Irori fireplace, where you can taste Soba and Udon noodle and pizza baked in stone oven.  And in "Ume no Sato", you can enjoy making  Misato specialty plum products or Tokushima specialty Indigo dyeing . Staying here for one day, you may benefit from experiencing all about Tokushima in one place. Fortunately, pick-up service to Ryusuian (the midpoint between Shosanji and Fujiidera temples) is available for pilgrims !



Address14-2, aza Maruyama, Misato, Yoshinogawa-shi, Tokushima, Japan
 Phone number0883-43-2970
Experience Program Menu Indigo growing, indigo dyeing, plum picking , Shiitake mushrooms growing and picking, cooking (Plum products, pizza, Soba noodle),  guided tour in woodland.   30 different programs. 
Opening hour Stay all day
Lunch 12:00-15:00
Holiday Irregular
Reservation  Required (Stay : 3 days in advance, Dining : by the morning of the previous day )
Charge Stay adult : 6,500yen
child : 3,000yen
Lunch 980yen-
web http://wwwd.pikara.ne.jp/docomoyama/
others If you need pick up service, talk to us when you make a reservation. 


Vine bridge is welcoming you!
A lot of scarecrows at the entrance  
Irori fireplace at the guest room                     Pictures of the guest are displayed
Handmade stone oven (There are 2 at present)

Homemade plum wine at the festival at the end of November                                                       Oven baked pizza, boiled rice Oden are on sale 
Friendly Mr. Inoue, the owner
You can spend time with your kids at tree house, handmade swing or hammock in the property.
Indigo dyeing studio. We teach little kids one by one.
Baking pizza in a stone oven!