Haigyu Japanese Paper Imoto Paper Mill


井本紙漉場 入口

Traditional Japanese paper making experience


Haigyu district in Naka Town is famous for "Farming Village Theater". About 400m up in the mountain, in the past, most of the households were engaged in paper making. NPO "Awa Farming Village Theater "renovated Imoto Paper Mill, which has its reminiscence of about 60 years' past, and turned it into experience facility. Stepping out of the building, terraced rice fields and rivers are stretching in the mountainous area. You are sure to be satisfied with the warm touch of Awa Paper made from "Kouzo"paper mulberry following Mr. Imoto's direction and feel the sense of achievement when you made your handmade paper. If you go further, you can apply it for grass tree dyeing and make lamp shade by the paper.

Address 93-1, Aza Inomoto, Haigyu, Naka-cho, Naka-gun, Tokushima, Japan
Phone number080-6389-9571(9:00-17:00)
Experience Program Menu Paper mulberry picking , paper mulberry processing, traditional paper making, grass and tree dyeing of traditional paper, making lampshade etc. 
Opening hour Paper making half day 10:00-13:00
one day 10:00-16:00
Holiday Irregular
Reservation 3 days in advance
Charge  Experience program menu Paper making one day (including lunch ) 5,000yen
Paper making half day (including tea or coffee) 3,000yen
web http://www.nousonbutai.com/imoto-kamisukiba/
Capacity 10 people

Paper making experience starts with at least 3 people.

No accommodation.


井本紙漉場 入口 井本紙漉場 楮 井本紙漉場 釜


とくしま農林漁家民宿 「拝宮和紙 井本紙漉場」