(Tokushima Green Tourism Minshuku) Hanabiyori


花びより 外観(1)

The lodging of "100 Savory Landscapes" offers experience programs such as picking up coarse tea leaves or rice cooking with the good old Kamado oven.

Kamikatsu Town is famous for the entrepreneur "Irodori" and Awa Bancha (coarse tea). During summer season, this town is filled with the scent of coarse tea spreading all around the terrace field and it was designated as "100 Savory Landscapes ".

In the quiet middle field stands the "Farmhouse Minshuku    Hanabiyori", which is run by the co-owners, Mr. and Mrs. Okamoto. In spring (From April), you will be welcome by the landscape abundant with various flowers, as the Japanese name of the lodging shows. There are varieties of experience menus for each season such as coarse tea picking. Boiled rice tastes different if you cook it with rare furnace.


Address 116, Aza Nakamura, Oaza Asahi, Kamikatsu-cho, Katsuura-gun, Tokushima, Japan
Phone number 0885-33-1837
090-4979-7138 (Mr. Okamoto)
Experience Program Menu Rice seedling planting, rice reaping, coarse tea picking, picking (Citrus : Sudachi, Yuzu, Yukou), pruning, cooking with traditional oven
Opening hour Stay 16:00-10:00
Lunch 12:30-15:00
Holiday Irregular
Reservation Required (One week in advance)
Charge Stay (one night with no meals) 3,500yen
Stay (one night with 2 meals) 5,000yen
Lunch(13 dishes,sandwiches, mixed juice or coffee) 2,000yen
web http://s.ameblo.jp/minsyukuhanabiyori/


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