(Tokushima Green Tourism Minshuku) Farmhouse Iya Hakkei



祖谷八景 室内

Overlooking Ochiai Hamlet (Reserve for National Important Traditional Buildings), this lodging provides cooking experience of traditional dishes in Iya district.

One and a half drive from JR Oboke Station. 300 year-old grandiose "Iya Hakkei"is located 200meters west of the observation deck of the Ochiai Hamlet (Reserve for National Important Traditional Buildings in Miyoshi shi, Higashi Iya). The owner opened this farmer's Minshuku yearning to preserve this historic house. The house inside has been renovated and very relaxing. The big Irori fireplace, which is commonly seen in Japanese old house, is outstanding.
You can enjoy cooking traditional dishes "Hirara Yaki" (Outside, too). Also, Special Iya district Soba noodle making and strolling are possible.
Watching the hamlet from the veranda and being cut off from your daily life, maybe you feel like you are an Heike fugitive...


Address 66-2, Nakaue, Higashi iya, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima, Japan
Phone number 0883-88-2358 / 090-4789-6259 (Owner : Mr. Nishioka)
Experience Program Menu Traditional dishes (Soba noodle Making and Hirara Yaki-grilling fish on heated stones) experience, agricultural experience
Opening hour Any time(Cofirmation by phone needed)
Holiday Irregular, Closed in winter (December-March)
Reservation Stay Please contact and check that out.
Experience Please contact and check that out.

Experience program menu 

Soba noodle making

for 5 portions 2,000yen
Traditional dishes cooking for 1 person


Farming experience Buckwheat picking, sweet potato digging Free
Strolling in nature forest bathing, wild vegetables picking etc. Free
Stay no meals Junior high school student or older 2,500yen
Elementary school student 1,500yen
Infant Free
1 night with 2meals Junior high school student or older 4,500yen
Elementary school student 3,000yen
Infant Free


Capacity Up to 8 people (Only one group for one day. Keep than in mind. )
others Please bring your own ingredients if you cook your own food. "Samue" working clothes is available for sleeping but if it's not good for you, please bring your own night clothes.


Overall view of the lodging (on the left: old house for accommodation)
In front of the entrance
Scarecrows in veranda. Very common in Iya
View from veranda: panoramic view of Ochiai Hamlet
Irori fireplace