(Tokushima Green Tourism Minshuku) Minshuku Kakufu Tei




Enjoy fishing in Katsuura River and cooking! Fishing rod crafting course, too!

Impressed by the hospitality at other prefecture's Minshuku, the owner Mr. Ebisuno renovated his house and opened "Kakufu Tei" in November 2011. Thanks to the fact that he is a member of a Fisheries Cooperative, he is able to provide 17 different fishery experience programs although it's located in farming village. From fishing Eel,  Amego fish, sweetfish etc. to making hand-made fishing rod with the help of the bamboo master, Mr.Ebisuno. You can learn how to cook Sushi, grill and simmer with the fish you've caught and taste them. Near the lodging is Ikunatani River, which is famous for its cherry blossom and in spring, you can enjoy river-rafting. This house is easily accessible.


Address 76-4, aza Yashiki, Katsuura-cho, Katsuura-gun, Tokushima, Japan
Phone number 0885-42-4656
Experience Program Menu Catching freshwater fish and sea creatures (Sweetfish, Amego fish, eel and Japanese mitten crab etc. ),processing and cooking of fish products, introduction of fishery in Katsuura River (Traditional net fishing, bamboo fishing rod making)
strolling along the river, ecosystem guide etc.
Opening hour 9:00-11:00(Fishing experience) / Check-in time should be confirmed.
Holiday Around New Year season, mid-August (Please check other season, too.)
Reservation One day in advance
Charge Stay (1night with 2 meals) 6,000yen
Stay (No meals) 4,000yen
Capacity 6 people
others Some fishing experience programs requires recreational fishing tickets (extra charge).


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