(Tokushima Green Tourism Minshuku) Tebajima Guest House Shanti-Shanti


出羽島ゲストハウス 全景

In Tebajima island, no car is running. Listening to the sound of the surf and the singing of the birds, you can feel the eternity of "Island Time".

Attracted by intact nature, the owner, Mr. Nishi moved to Tebajima from Osaka in 1999. Starry sky and refreshing morning. Spending time in one and only island. ""To enjoy the nature of Tebajima, I want you to stay at least overnight."" To make that passion come true, he opened a fisherman's Minshuku in 2011. Forget the hustle and bustle of big cities and I will help you enjoy "Island Time".


Address 45-2, Tebajima, Mugi-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima, Japan
Phone number 0884-72-3510
090-7574-7879(Mr. Nishi)
Experience Program Menu Fishing (Horse mackerel, Gashira fish, squid etc. Boat fishing is also possible.), cooking and processing of fish products, snorkeling, cruising around the island etc.
Opening hour All Day
Holiday Irregular
Reservation Required (3 days in advance)
Charge Stay (one night with 2 meals) 5,500yen
Fishing at port (including bait) 2,000yen
Cruising around the island 4,000yen
Fish cooking (including ingredients ) 1,500yen
Tokoroten making (including ingredients) 1,500yen
Guided tour around the island 1,500yen
Snorkelling 4,000yen
web https://ja-jp.facebook.com/tebajimaguesthouseShantishanti
others Take regular ferryboat to Tebajima (One way: 220 yen)


出羽島 全景 出羽島ゲストハウス ゲストルーム&


とくしま農林漁家民宿 「出羽島ゲストハウス」