Information and communication infrastructure that is top of its class in the country

Establishment of information network

As a result of the efforts by the local public bodies to establish core optical fiber lines, optical fibers have been laid throughout the prefecture and the proportion of households connected to the CATV network is the highest in the country (as of April 2015), achieving a broadband environment that is unrivalled in Japan.

Proactive use of information infrastructure
Attracting telecommunication-related industries

In Tokushima Prefecture, telecommunication-related industry clusters consisting of call centers, data centers, admin processing centers, digital content businesses, etc., are promoted by making use of the extensive information infrastructure available.

Satellite office project

Led by ICT companies in Tokushima Prefecture and Tokyo, old residential houses and other facilities in depopulated areas were utilized to set up satellite offices of companies based in metropolitan areas on a trial basis. In addition to video conferencing with Tokyo, demonstration trials to disseminate information on the settlement through Facebook and other social media were carried out.

As a result, the broadband environment established in all corners of the Prefecture was confirmed to have allowed work to proceed normally in almost all areas of Tokushima Prefecture. Initiatives to create ""satellite office"" clusters through public-private collaboration is on-going.

Companies which set up satellite offices in Tokushima enjoy the benefits of risk diversification in the event of a disaster, development of physical and mental health of the employees, enhancement of the ""volunteer spirit"" and so on."