Location foundation

High-quality labor force

Tokushima Prefecture has many educational institutions that are highly rated in Japan such as Tokushima University, National Institute of Technology, Anan College and so on. In addition, by concluding employment support agreements with the key universities in the Kansai area, it is also in a position to offer a stream of high-quality industrial manpower at a relatively low cost.


Total monthly salary in cash (average for 2014)
5 or more employees: Manufacturing industry
Tokushima 349,124 yen, National 381,991 yen

Industrial land, industrial water

The rates for industrial land and industrial water is 30% cheaper compared to the national average. Blessed with a beautiful natural environment, Tokushima lies within a radius of about 100 km from the Kansai region.

Being located about two hour's drive away, transport cost can be reduced considerably.

Do check out the detailed rates as the difference in the price for industrial land and tariff for industrial water could be as low as 50% compared to other prefectures and areas.

Industrial land price

  • Tokushima Prefecture 18,300 yen/㎡ (2015)
  • National average 38,400 yen/㎡ (2015)

Industrial water tariff

North bank of Yoshino River in Tokushima Prefecture 14.80 yen/m3, Anan 16.00 yen/m3 (as of June 2015)

  • Sanin area 27.51 yen/m3 (as of April 2015)
  • Kyushu and Okinawa area 22.74 yen/m3 (as of April 2015)
  • Shikoku area 18.03 yen/m3 (as of April 2015)

Abundance of electrical power in Tokushima Prefecture

The electricity supply capacity of Tokushima Prefecture is more than 3 times the maximum power consumed in the prefecture.

Operators such a Shikoku Electric Power, J-Power (power development), Tokushima Prefectural Enterprise Bureau, etc., produce a combined total of about 4,400 MW consisting of coal-fired power (approx. 4,100 MW), hydroelectric power (approx. 270 MW), wind power (approx. 20 MW) and so on.

Using undersea cables, the amount of power supplied to Kansai Electric Power by Shikoku Electric Power can reach an equivalent of about 400 MW on average per hour.

Tokushima is one of the leading prefectures in the country that can provide a stable supply of energy.