Treasure Trove of Fresh and Safe Foods

Tokushima Prefecture, which has an abundance of fertile soil resulting from the mighty Yoshino River and the three distinct seas (Harima Nada Sea, the Kii Channel and the Pacific Ocean), is one of the most famous treasure troves of foods in Japan, where people can enjoy fresh, seasonal foods throughout the year.

Sudachi Citrus

Sudachi is a citrus fruit which originated in Tokushima, and accounts f or nearly 100 percent of national production. This small fruit has a refreshing flavor and moderate sourness, and it is popular as an accent f or food and drink.

Yuzu (Citron)

Yuzu are cultivated mainly in the upper basins of the Naka River and the Yoshino River. Their refreshing, sour fruit juice is used as vinegar and their skin is used in soup after being cut into pieces or as an ingredient for yuzu miso.

Naruto Sea Bream

The meat of Naruto Red Sea Bream, which grow in the powerful tidal currents of the Naruto whirlpools, is firm and tasty . They are caught through set-net fishing or angling.

Awa Odori Chicken

Awa Odori Chicken is a free range chicken breed born in Tokushima. Currently, two million birds are shipped across the country (this is number one in Japan f or free range chickens). These chickens have a moderate firmness as they are low in fat. The meat of these birds contains a great deal of flavor.

Awa Beef

Awa beef contains a tint of f at and has a marbled tenderness that melts in y our mouth. The rich flavor that engulfs your mouth when you eat this meat is highly pr aised on the market. Awa beef is perfect for shabu-shabu (thinly sliced meat boiled quickly) or steak.

Awa Pork

Awa Pork‘s high-quality and tender yet adequately firm meat is highly r egarded for its excellent balance between meat and fat.


The culture of the Yoshino River basin has resulted in a variety of noodle types, including Iya Soba, representing the traditionas of the Iya region; Handa Somen, gien its delisious flavour by the cold wind sweeping down the Shikoku mountain range; and Tarai Udon, served in a huga wooden tub (tarai) and consiisting of an appealingly chewy texture. Finally, Tokushima's ramen noodles have gaining recognition in recent years, becoming a household name around the country.

Tokushima Ramen

Tokushima Ramen is a local specialty served in over 100 restaurants in Tokushima City alone. The basic form of Tokushima ramen is a rich salty-sweet pork bone soup flavored with soy sauce and topped with pork belly and an egg.

Tarai Udon Noodle

This dish consists of thick, firm noodles and the broth of the dipping sauce is made from stock from a river fish. Served in a large tub, family and friends can enjo y this feast together.

Iya Soba Noodle

Iya soba noodles are a local cuisine made from buckwheat that is nurtured by the clean water and pure air, and this cuisine is said to have come about from Heike no Ochudo (fugitiv es from the Genpei War).

Handa Somen Noodle

Handa Somen is characterized by the thickness and firmness of the noodles. The flavor of Handa somen noodles made from flour that has been nurtured by the cool wind blowing down from the Shikoku Mountains and the high quality groundwater of Yoshino River is loved by many.