From Tokushima to the World and to the Future Promoting the “LED Valley Initiative”

Tokushima Prefecture formulated the “LED Valley Initiative” with the hopes of “becoming the center for the light industry that uses LED” and has been working on bringing together LED-related industries.

Center for high-quality LED production and number one globally for the production of white LEDs (approximately 30% global market share)

Tokushima Prefecture is home to more than 100 manufacturers involved in the development of various products using LEDs. This includes the first LED element manufacturer in the world to commercialize the high luminance blue LEDs* that were said to be difficult to develop in the 20th century and is now the world's largest producer of white LEDs.

* Blue LEDs were highly acclaimed in the Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 press release, which claimed that “the 21st century will be lit by LED lamps” and “the LED lamp holds great promise for increasing the quality of life for over 1.5 billion people around the world who lack access to electricity grids. ”

Japan’s Top Class Industrial Investment Subsidy System Tokushima Prefecture offers one-stop support to companies, from product development to factory location.

Led-Related Industries Investment Promotion Projects


  • Subsidies for projects to establish or expand factories involving LED-related industries.


  • Subsidy for both establishing and expanding factories: up to 1.5 billion yen; subsidy rate: up to 25%
  • Subsidy for new local employees: 700,000 yen per employee
  • No limit on total amount or number of times subsidies can be received

Subsidy eligibility requirements

  • New local employees: 10 or more; capital assets inv ested: 300 million yen
  • Factory site area: 1,000m2 or more

Production Certification System Unique to T okushima Prefecture

The “Tokushima quality” – safe, reliable and high quality – LED products made in “Tokushima: LED Kingdom,” are certified as “outstanding Tokushima LED products” and are heavily promoted within Japan and overseas under this new Tokushima brand.

Tokushima: The Home of LEDs!

Tokushima is aiming to br and themselves as the “Home of LEDs” by incorporating LED into various parts of the pr efecture, such as setting up “88 Locations of Light” (famous places with light utilizing LEDs) and holding festivals that combine LEDs and art.

LED Kaleidoscope (Tokushima City)

Shinmachi River Riverside Park (Tokushima City)

Japan’s First Permanent Exhibition Halls for LED Products

Permanent LED application product halls have been set up in two locations – Tokyo (Shinjuku) and Tokushima Prefecture (Industrial Technology Center) to show strong support to the “aggressive sales strategies” of various companies.

Permanent exhibition hall in Tokyo (In the Shinjuku Park Tower)

Permanent exhibition hall in Tokushima (In the Tokushima Prefectural Industrial Technology Center)

Participation in Large-scale Exhibitions in Japan and Abroad

LIGHTING JAPAN (Tokyo Big Sight)

The Tokushima prefectural government continues to participate in large-scale, LED-related exhibitions and trade shows held in Japan and abroad to help local LED-related companies expand their market.