Tokushima Satellite Office Project

Satellite Office: Proposing a New Way of Working and Attracting National Attention

A satellite office is an office that provides an environment where workers can perform their jobs without going to their usual offices. During work hours, employees will complete the same jobs they would back in the headquarters by using information and communication technology (ICT), such as video conferencing and voice chat. When they are not working, employees can fully enjoy the great outdoors and a peaceful rural life... In pursuit of such an ideal lifestyle, ICT companies and other companies, headquartered in large cities have established satellite offices in Tokushima..

High-speed Internet Network

In Tokushima Prefecture, where development of an optical fiber network has been heavily pushed, a high-speed Internet environment equal to or better than that in large cities has been achieved. Workers can benefit from the excellent high-speed and large-capacity broadband environment, allowing them to always be connected so that they will not feel far from the headquarters in terms of work.

“Tokushima Work Style”

Going to work after enjoying surfing, absorbed in sea kayaking and diving on weekends, and working on a farm during lunch time. These work-lifestyles can be achieved very easily here in Tokushima.

Comments from companies that have expanded into Tokushima

"Generally speaking, the broadband environment is terrific!"
"I managed to hire five good programmers as the environment allowed them to go surfing and farming everyday!"
"All my five senses can be put to work!"
"The environment brings out the creativity of the employees, and the sales is doing well, too!"
"My appearance softened naturally even when I am working, leading to closer communications, too!"
"Outside of work, I have an active lifestyle, going outdoors into the nature, rivers and mountains!"
"Since we came here, our employees are saying ""Thank you"" more often!"

Main Subsidies Relating to Satellite Offices

Eligible sectors: creative businesses and SOHOs

Support for running costs
Subsidy for connection fees and rent (50% for 3 years)

Support also for new employment
Up to 300,000 yen (per employee)


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