Custom-Made Preferential System Meeting the Requirements of Various Industries are Offered

For manufacturing industry and research centers

  • Maximum subsidies of 1.5 billion yen; maximum subsidy rate of 25% (new establishments, expansions)
  • Subsidies for hires (400,000 or 700,000 yen for each local hire)
  • Integrated programs for growth areas *When a company in a growth area outside the prefecture sets up a factory in Tokushima
    Subsidy rate of 25%
  • Subjected areas: LEDs, healthcare, medical, nursing, energy and environment, industries related to carbon-fiber reinforced plastic Factories for manufacturing bicycles (two-wheeled), rail, aircraft equipment
  • Significant ease in lot size requirements: normally more than 9,000 sq. meters → more than 1,000 sq. meters

For telecommunications industry (call centers, data centers, etc.)

  • Local hiring: up to 700,000 yen (per new local hiree)
  • Business site rent; dedicated line fees (subsidy rate: 50% for 5 years)
  • Investment in fixed assets (20% subsidy rate)
  • Lease expenses (50% subsidy rate for 1 year)

To class nationwide!

  • Up to 20 mlion yen/year each
  • Up to 10 million yen/year

For satellite offices (creative/SOHO business people)

  • Local hiring: up to 300,000 yen (per new local hiree)
  • Business site rent: up to 300,000 yen/year
  • Lease expenses; dedicated line fees (subsidy rate: 50% for 3 years) Up to 1 million yen/year